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Enjoy Your Work

Three Types Of Medical Specialty Tables You Can Buy For Haunted House Purposes

by Alexis Montgomery

Medical specialty tables are used for specific purposes. They are more than just exam tables. In a medical setting, they seem totally normal. In a haunted house, they quickly become iconically horrifying. Here are three types of medical specialty tables that will terrify your haunted house visitors.

OB Exam Table with Foot Holsters

For women, there is nothing half so terrifying as being exposed from the waist down and then exposing their most intimate body parts. This alone exudes terror, even in a doctor's office. Place this medical table in a haunted house and have a worker or dummy pretend to give birth to an alien, a giant maggot, or a demon baby, and your visitors (especially the female visitors) will run screaming from the room.

Mortician's or Coroner's Exam Table

These tables are another example of the gross and terrifying. They have openings in either end to allow the blood and fluids of the deceased to drain through to the floor drains below. They may also be used by funeral homes to prep the bodies for burial and cremation, and where bodies are drained and injected with formaldehyde and body preservation chemicals. Imagine what you can do with a table like that in your haunted house.

Operating Room Table

Finally, the truly frightening table, the operating room table. Patients live or die on these things, and death is always the main theme in a haunted house. From mad scientists to Frankenstein's monster, there is no limit what you can create in a scene around an operating table.

Purchasing These Medical Tables for Haunted House Purposes

Since you do not need a license to purchase any of these tables, you can purchase them from any seller or manufacturer. Sometimes you can find these tables in a salvage yard or dump, since they are almost entirely metal and therefore recyclable. If you want to buy more than one, but your haunted house budget is a little slim, consider purchasing your medical specialty tables from a refurbished medical supply company.

Sometimes you can also find the tables you want, but they may be missing parts. Fortunately for you, that means a discount on the tables, and suppliers who sell replacement parts. Because these tables are heavy duty and meant to support the weight of patients (living or dead!), expect to pay high shipping costs. You should also order your tables now, such as from Tower Medical Systems, so that they arrive in time for Halloween.


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