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What Is An Adjustable Chair Lift And How Can Help Those Who Struggle With Mobility?

by Alexis Montgomery

An adjustable chair lift makes navigating the home more manageable for those with mobility issues. Commonly attached to the staircase, the motorized lift enables individuals to sit comfortably and move from one room to the next without worrying about doing too much standing, walking, or moving up a flight of steps. With an adjustable chair lift, it's possible to have the lift customized based on the individual user's specific wants and needs.

What Makes an Adjustable Chair Lift Better for People with Mobility Struggles?

Adjustable chair lifts are better for people with mobility struggles for several reasons, such as:

  • Eliminating the need for individuals to walk up and down the staircase to get to various spots inside the property
  • Making it safer for people who struggle with mobility to get around the home
  • Reducing the risk of different injuries associated with moving up and down stairs
  • Preventing individuals from feeling like they need to stay in one room all day because it's hard for them to walk around or get up the staircase by themselves
  • Providing aging or disabled individuals with the opportunity to feel more independent because they won't necessarily need to ask for help getting around the home

Because of these benefits, many have decided to install an adjustable chair lift in their homes, allowing them to get around while seated by pressing a button or using a simple, easy-to-use remote control.

Why Are the Adjustable Options Best?

Although chair lifts are beneficial on their own, the adjustable options are even better because users can customize them based on different factors. These factors include their weight and height. For example, someone a bit heavier and taller may need a larger chair lift to ensure they fit comfortably and won't have half of their body hanging over the chair. Users need to have a good fit when using their chair lift, or else it can be dangerous to use it while moving up and down different floors in the home.

If you're considering getting a chair lift, whether for yourself or someone else in your home, consider the weight capacity, the height of the chair, and additional details, including the features that will make your life easier. For example, some chair lifts have swivel seats, an adjustable footrest, and even padded seating for extra support. Once you know what you need, you can order the adjustable chair lift and have it professionally installed to begin using it to get around with ease.   

For more information about adjustable chair lifts, contact a local company. 


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