Enjoy Your Work

Enjoy Your Work

Ready To Launch Your Veterinarian Business? Find A Local Community Event And Offer These Medical Services

by Alexis Montgomery

If you are opening a veterinarian office and you are trying to launch your services or business, you want to find a community event where you can meet and treat new patients. You want to be able to look at the animals, interact with the owners, and give people free services and items that will attract them to make an appointment in-office. Here are some of the things to get for the big event.

Get a Booth

Pay the fee to have a booth at a large event; it doesn't even have to be a pet-focused event. At the booth, you want to set up different things that people can do with their pets. They can put their animals on a scale to see if they are at a healthy weight, feed the pets treats, or even take their dogs' vitals with your help or the help of an assistant.

Have an examination table there so you can look at any animal that a pet owner may be worried about. The booth should be like a mini version of your office.

Rent a Mobile MRI and X-Ray Machine

If someone has a dog or pet that is limping, or a pet owner has a question for you about their animal, you can give them an MRI or x-ray right there on the spot. You will put the trailer with the machines next to the booth, and people can easily walk their pets inside. This is a great way to get the people to commit to coming in the office and letting you treat their animal. This could also save a pet's life if something is wrong with them that day. Be sure to have supplies for casts, cones, and more. Contact a company that offers Mobile MRI Scanner Rentals for more info.

Offer Vaccinations and Treatments

You may need to get a permit to do so, but offer the canine and feline flu vaccinations at your booth. You could also offer flea, tick, and heartworm treatments that people would want. This is a great way to get people into the booth, and they will follow up with you in the office.

If someone comes to the booth with their pet and they want you to look at a lump, you may do an MRI and notice that this something that needs treatment right away. Suggest they meet you in office that next workday to get a biopsy. The same could be for a dog that you realize has ticks, fleas, or another condition. If you are trying to launch your business as a veterinarian, start by offering free service at a community event.


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