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Enjoy Your Work

Sanitize Your CPAP Equipment

by Alexis Montgomery

Moisture from your breath and the water that is present inside of your CPAP machine's humidifier can contribute to mold and bacteria growth. To ensure that the air quality that enters your lungs is not compromised, set up a maintenance schedule that involves sanitizing your CPAP equipment.

Sanitize By Hand

The headgear, cushion, and frame are the three parts that comprise your mask, and these components need to be cleaned daily. Dirt and oil from your skin may accumulate on the inside of the mask and eventually compromise the mask's seal.

Sanitizing the mask by hand will require you to detach all of the mask's components and place them inside of a basin that contains an antibacterial liquid soap and purified water. Once the parts are rinsed off with a fresh batch of purified water, the pieces need to air dry.

Sanitizing the rubber tubing and humidifier is also essential and these cleaning steps should be conducted regularly. Use the same cleaning materials to conduct each sanitizing session and wait for the hoses and humidifier to dry before attaching them to the base of your CPAP machine. To instantly disinfect your mask or the external parts of your machine, use disinfectant wipes that are designed for use with CPAP equipment. 

Sanitize With The Aid Of A Machine

An automatic cleaner uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize equipment. The cleaning process is similar to the kind that is used in hospital sterilization processes or during water purification efforts. With this type of machine, water and soap will not be required. A machine will operate electrically or with the aid of a battery pack. Each unit is designed to hold a standard CPAP machine, hose attachments, and a mask.

A light will remain on while a machine is actively sanitizing CPAP equipment. The light will turn off at the end of a cleaning cycle. Some machines require the use of an adaptor, which may be sold separately. If you decide to purchase this type of equipment, review the CPAP models that can be used with the machine and any accessories that will need to be purchased.

Guidelines will be furnished with your purchase, which will specify how to inspect your equipment's filter and a timeframe in which you should replace this part. The benefit of using a fully automatic machine is that you will not need to contend with detaching or reattaching any of the parts of your CPAP machine. Contact a company that providers CPAP cleaners for more information. 


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