Enjoy Your Work

Enjoy Your Work

How Electric Lift Recliners Can Increase Mobility

by Alexis Montgomery

If you are losing your mobility as you age, you may have noticed that your ability to get out of a chair without assistance has decreased. You may not have thought of chairs as a product for the young and spry, but they do require some agility. 

While you may not be able to regain the agility of your youth, you can outfit your home with products designed to increase your comfort. One such option that can allow you to get up out of your seat without help is a power lift recliner chair. These chairs also provide a myriad of other benefits so that you can stay comfortable, mobile, and independent in your own home.

Lift You Up  

The main advantage of a power lift recliner chair is that it is electrically powered. This allows the chair to lift the seat far further than a typical, mechanical recliner can. This extra lift can tilt you far enough up that you are basically standing before you've even left the chair—a feature that can be far more useful and potentially easier on your joints than someone pulling on you to help you exit your seat.

Lay You Back

Another great feature of a power lift recliner is that of the reclining ability itself. Lift chairs are made to increase comfort as well as mobility, so you can sit for as long as you like and stay comfy until you need to get up. These recliners' electrical power extends to allow the seat to lay far enough back to provide you with a comfortable place to lay and rest, or even to snooze if you'd like to take a short nap—and any adjustments can be made at the click of a button.

Elevate Your Legs

Mobility isn't the only thing in the body that slows down as you age. Your circulation may also take a hit, especially if other complications enter the picture, such as blood pressure issues or diabetes. While most recliners have a footrest, with a power lift recliner, you can place this footrest wherever is most comfortable for you. Rather than limiting your leg placement to either up or down, you can adjust the angle of the footrest to where your body needs it most.

An electric lift recliner is designed to provide maximum comfort as well as functionality. Try them out and experience the benefits of independence, mobility, and ease of use for yourself.

For more information about recliner chairs, such as Pride Mobility Viva power lift chairs, contact a supplier today. 


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